White Guys Aren't Stealing Your Women. They're Stealing Your Attention.

Just some sage advice from one Asian dude to you younger Asian dudes:


DON'T fall into the trap of obsessing over who Asian girls are dating.

You wanna know how to solve the issue with WMAF? You wanna know the 100% solution to this problem? 

Get. A. Fucking. Girlfriend.
And. Mind. Your. Own. Business.

Straight up, that's the answer because guess what? No one cares.

No one cares if you're mad at WMAF because if Hong Nguyen wants a white boyfriend, there ain't a damn thing you can tweet at her to make her stop. So why are you acting like some drive-by father who cares about her life decisions? If you convince her to break up with her white boyfriend, are YOU gonna step in and fill in as the substitute boyfriend?

Their rent is due next week.
How down are you, really?

Bro, it's simple.
Some MFs like white meat.
Other MFs have taste.

That's it lol.

I'm kidding, but honestly? Once you have a person in your life you truly care about, you won't give two flying dragon fucks what any other couple is doing because you're concerned about fixing your own life.

Oh? Jennifer Lee is dating her 80th surfer white guy? Great! When's my GrubHub arriving? I'm Kendrick Lamar eating Elote on a palm tree to the BS.


I really don't give a shit what WMAF couples are doing because I'm building MY life and I'm worried about MY wife. I'm not out here looking at other dude's and their girlfriends because there's so much more to a relationship than being able to say "LOL LOOK, WORLD! WE'RE HAVING SEX!"  

And THAT'S why so many of you are single. You're obsessed about another man's girlfriend while you're at home waiting for society to ease up on Asian men. You don't ACTUALLY care about these Asian women you're trippin' about. You just want their validation.

Bro. This is what life is like as an Asian guy. Dating fucking sucks even for the most handsome of Asian dudes, but if you obsesses over who everyone else is dating, you'll never get around to finishing your own Tinder bio. Do your own shit.


White guys aren't stealing your women. They're stealing your attention. You've got all this potential to find someone special but you're trapped in this narrative that you're inferior. So you consume more "pro-Asian male" content that honestly, truly makes it worse because all you do is feed into a toxic community that constantly tells you that Asian men are on the bottom of the dating totem pole when you could be out at a concert with the cute Indian girl from accounting who has expressed a desire for your actual totem pole.

 Do YOU.